Hamachi Version Free

Manage virtual networks (VPN), bypass blocks, and share your Internet connection

There are many applications for virtual networks management. Hamachi is actually one of the preferable alternatives. Hamachi enables you to expand your local networks and share them with colleagues, employees, friends or playmates, and to do so with relative ease and convenience.
No matter what your virtual network demands may be, Hamachi will enable you to almost instantly create and manage virtual networks according to your needs. Once you've created all the virtual networks to your heart's content, you can connect to computers on your network at any time. If you want to control access, Hamachi provides users with access to specific computers through a centralized gateway thus enabling more control on network activity and usage.
From a single interface you'll be able to manage your virtual networks, set preferences and configure settings for certain networks and computers or for all of them.
Users come first